The 360° Assessment:
A versatile tool for skills development

The 360° Feedback evaluation, often deemed the most potent tool for skills development, ticks all the boxes for skill development. Its distinctive evaluation technique puts the scope for improvement at the forefront and encourages individuals to become more committed to their self-development journey.

This ebook offers a simple and accessible way of understanding the inner workings of the 360° approach and carrying out a successful implementation in your organisation.

The benefits of a 360° Assessment

The 360° no longer needs to prove its usefulness as its advantages are numerous.

  • Encourages the emergence of new skills and behaviors.

  • Assists in preparing for the annual performance review.

  • Facilitates the choice of training programs.

  • Increases engagement and performance of teams.

  • Provides new insights into group dynamics.

​​​​​This ebook guides you in implementing a 360° assessment, providing step-by-step advice and practical tools, along with effective action plans.

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