Social intelligence, a key skill to develop


Understanding the people around us, adapting our behaviour accordingly and knowing how to listen and convince is now an essential necessity.

80% of corporate work involves daily interaction, listening, convincing others and negotiating.

Developing your social intelligence means first and foremost developing your relationship with others. What can you do to establish a lasting, positive relationship with others?

Find out in this ebook what social intelligence is, what its key assets are, and how to develop it effectively.

The key factors of social intelligence 

Social intelligence is the ability to know oneself and others, in order to adapt to the context and make the most of it. 

It encompasses key factors such as

  • Empathy: the ability to understand and share the emotions of others.

  • Assertiveness: the ability to express one's ideas and get one's message across flexibly.

  • Leadership: the ability to be disciplined, persevere and self-manage on a daily basis.


This ebook helps you to understand why these factors are essential, while offering practical advice on how to develop them.

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