Reducing Stress at Work:
Practical Approaches for Managing Psychosocial Risks

Reducing stress at work is a crucial stake in the business world. With approximately 4 out of 10 employees impacted, the cost to companies ranges between €2 and €3 billion. Recognising this challenge, companies must proactively address psychosocial risks (PSR) to mitigate their impact on the workplace.

Our ebook offers an in-depth look at the causes and consequences of stress in the workplace, along with actionable insights to effectively prevent PSR in your organisation.


Why is this ebook essential for you?

  • Understand PSR in depth: Gain a profound understanding of Psychosocial Risk (PSR), including definitions, prevention methods, and the concealed costs associated with PSR.

  • Identify risk factors: Learn and explore the six major psychosocial factors that have an impact on stress in the workplace.

  • Prevent Harmful Consequences: Explore the impact of PSR on both individuals and the company.

  • Implement tangible actions: Discover practical ideas and actions from our toolbox to prevent and manage PSR.

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