Recruiting Salespeople:
How to Identify the Best?


In recent decades, driven by digital advancements, the sales function has undergone profound transformations. The sales professions are nothing like they were 10 years ago!


The expansion of professional social networks, social selling, mobile CRMs, and smart databases now demands more specific skills than ever before.


This ebook provides answers to these challenges, offering advice and practical methods to identify commercial potential and select the best candidates.

The Qualities of a High-Performing Salesperson Today

84% of highly effective salespeople consistently exceed their targets because they are highly motivated by success.

As a result, they naturally put in more effort to bounce back from failures and achieve success.

Commercial potential is primarily a subtle mix of motivation and personality, unique aptitudes for sales, technical skills, relational intelligence, and intellectual agility.

In this ebook, discover how to identify commercial potential using psychometric tools in 3 key steps.

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