Everything you need to know about vocational interests


How much do you know about vocational interests? Do you know in what contexts you can use vocational assessments apart from career orientation and skill development? 

The vocational interests assessment provides valuable information allowing participants to reflect on themselves and on their interests that in turn will give them more clarity in the career path they have decided to take.

Because interests are part of oneself; we don’t get to decide what we like, we only discover it.

In this ebook, you'll find out why and how to assess vocational interests, as well as our advice on how to use it in a wide range of contexts.

Why assess occupational interests?

There are several benefits to considering interests in career management, including:

  • helping young people reflect on their future career plans

  • identify the candidates who are most likely to thrive in the job role 

  • ensure successful integration by building on the candidate's experience

  • strengthen the employability of the individual.

  • make adjustments at the annual appraisal to ensure continued development. 

Download our practical guide to find out all about career interests and apply our advice to support individuals in making the right career choices!

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